Der berühmteste Igel der Welt ist tot


Mr. Pokee hat auf Instagram 1,3 Millionen Fans. Das Ungewöhnliche: Mr. Pokee ist der Name eines Igels, der jetzt verstorben ist. 

“Das ist wahrscheinlich das Schwierigste, was ich je tun musste”, schreibt Talitha aus Wiesbaden unter ein Bild ihres kleinen Igels. Das Tier ist tot, starb nach einer Zahnoperation. Nach dem Eingriff erkrankte Mr. Pokee an einer Infektion. Niemand konnte wohl feststellen welche Bakterien sich der Igel eingefangen hatte und so ging es ihm seit drei Tagen immer schlechter, bis er jetzt starb. 

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This is probably the hardest thing I ever had to do. Pokee was diagnosed with bacteria after his dental surgery. He had been active and doing okay and they weren’t able to find out what exact bacteria he had until 3 days ago. The vet gave him antibiotics to treat them, but all of a sudden Pokee was feeling much worse. I took him to an emergency clinic at 1 am, because he wasn’t able to properly move anymore along with other symptoms that scared me to pieces. They weren’t able to find out what was wrong with him. So yesterday morning I took him to his vet and it turns out he had a blood infection which was caused by another different kind of bacteria. This bacteria was able to multiply while the other kind died and released some toxins. The vet did everything he could, I did everything that was possible and Pokee fought the entire day and night 😔💔 . Our dear community, I want you all to know that you guys have given us so much strength yesterday with all your lovely messages. We have all united our strength and love to help Pokee fight until the very end. We gave him the power to do what was best for him and take this decision. Saying goodbye must have been so hard for him, because he was such a little warrior. But in the end, all that matters is that he is no longer in pain and able to rest in peace. He fell asleep and looked so peaceful and thankful this morning ❤️ . My dear Pokee, I love you with all of my heart, unconditionally and always. You’re forever in my heart, always remembered as the sweet little angel that you are. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the happy moments you’ve given me and for being here for me when I needed you the most. One part of me died with you, the other one will keep you in my heart for eternity ♾ . Let’s remember Pokee the way he would’ve wanted us to remember him: As the sweet little fellow he was. Let’s go out there today and celebrate him, let’s laugh, spend time with our loved ones and make him smile this time. Rest in peace, little angel 🦔🥰

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Selbst ein Antibiotikum schlug bei dem stacheligen Vierbeiner nicht an. Ein Tierarzt hatte noch versucht ihn zu retten, konnte aber nur noch eine Blutinfektion feststellen. Seine Besitzerin schreibt unter ein Bild von dem Igel: “Mein lieber Pokee, ich liebe dich von ganzem Herzen, bedingungslos und immer. Du bist für immer in meinem Herzen, immer in Erinnerung als der süße kleine Engel, der du bist. Ich danke dir von ganzem Herzen für all die glücklichen Momente, die du mir gegeben hast, und dafür, dass du für mich da warst, als ich dich am meisten brauchte. Ein Teil von mir ist mit dir gestorben, der andere wird dich für immer in meinem Herzen behalten.”

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“Do you remember where we first met?“ 🧡 *Advert . The @kaptenandson team recently asked me how Pokee and I first met. I told them the whole story and because they liked it so much, I thought I should be telling it to you guys as well 🙋🏼‍♀️🦔 . So, let me tell you the whole story from the very beginning. When I was younger I always wanted a pet of my very own. I mean, my family had cats and dogs, but I always knew that as soon as I moved out, I would have my very own pet 🥰 . One day a friend sent me a GIF of a hedgehog that was getting belly rubs and slowly stretched out it’s little arms and legs. At that very moment I knew that I wanted a hedgehog as a pet. But I didn’t know that you can keep hedgehogs as pets, because European wild hedgehogs are protected by nature and can’t be kept as pets. So, I started researching on the same day and found a breeder for African Pygmy hedgehogs very close to me. I opened the page and Pokee’s little face popped up. The description said, “especially trusting” and at that moment I knew exactly that i would do everything to keep this little hedgehog. I did research all night and gathered info on what I needed to make this possible. When everything was set, I went on my way to the breeder 🦔😍 . Do you know that feeling when the world stands still for a few seconds? That’s how it was when I first held pokee in my hands. He was very calm and lay flat on my hand as if he wanted to tell me that he belonged right there 🌎🤲🏼 #lovestory #dreamteam #bekapten #kaptenandson

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Mit über 900 Beitragen ließ Talitha aus Wiesbaden zahlreiche Nutzer der Social-Media-Plattform an den Freuden mit ihrem kleinen Haustier teilhaben. Sie zeigte den Igel in unterschiedlichsten Situationen. Ob beim Schmusen mit einem anderen Igel, vor dem Eiffelturm in Paris oder mit viel zu großer Sonnenbrille – Mr. Pokee machte immer eine putzige Figur. 

Mit seinen 1,3 Millionen Fans auf Instagram ist der Igel ein echter Star gewesen. Ihm folgen sogar mehr Leute als Sängerin Helene Fischer oder Supermodel Claudia Schiffer


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